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Sweet relief? How sugar is killing us

Posted: 9th September 2014   |   431 comments

My favourite chocolate is Whittakers Almond Gold. I'm happy with Peanut Slab and Milk Chocolate as well, but Almond Gold is king (or queen if you prefer). I wouldn't even waste my time with Cadbury or anything budget, and what in the world is Willy Wonkas? There are few treats... READ MORE »

Your own personal WOF: taking your heart seriously

Posted: 27th August 2014   |   226 comments

I got my results from my regular blood tests, called a lipid blood test, this morning: cholesterol and blood sugar are both in the normal range. In addition, my blood pressure is fine as well. Excellent news, and I'll be back in six months to do it all again. I dislike... READ MORE »

Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight for heart health

Posted: 16th July 2014   |   1251 comments

When it comes to physical activity, The Health of New Zealand Adults 2011/12: Key findings of the New Zealand Health Survey is a mixed bag for Māori, and bad news for our Pacific cousins. Bad news around physical activity is bad news around heart health. The heart is a muscle.... READ MORE »

Plain common sense: reduce smoking, reduce heart disease

Posted: 9th July 2014   |   141 comments

If you go into Peter Pan Superette in Merivale, behind the bored young man serving you there’s a plain white lockable cabinet. Surrounding the cabinet, looking a little folorn, are poorly stacked papers, lighters, lighter fluid, maybe even the odd electronic cigarette. Every second person coming in asks for the... READ MORE »

Making mince-meat of your heart: cardiovascular disease & diet

Posted: 1st July 2014   |   217 comments

Last night, Native Affairs ran a story about the fat content of mince in Kaiti, Gisborne. Whilst I recommend you click on the link and watch the report, the brief story is that the cheapest mince at the (not so) supermarkets had between 20 and 30 percent fat content. The... READ MORE »
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