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Our Board is composed of industry professionals who bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience with sound governance to our business activities.

NMO Chairs Report 2017

Bev Flavell Profile Image

Bev Flavell


Ngāi Te Rangi

Te Manu Toroa, Board Member

e Runanga o Ngai Tamawhariua Management Committee

Te Runanga o Ngai Tamawhairua, Trustee

Te Rereatukahia Kohanga Reo, Chair

Bev Flavell is Ngāi Te Rangi, raised in the hapu of Ngai Tamawhariua puta noa ki Te Rereatukahia.

The eldest grandchild of Tamehana Te Weti of Waikato and Te Moengaroa Tukaki Ngarae Johnson of Matakana.
Bev left Katikati and lived in Thames for 18 years.  Her health Career began with Tangata Whenua, led by Toko Renata from Manaia.

That relationship led to her acceptance in numerous local and National Maori initiatives.
She returned home in 1990 ready to work with progressive Maori.

These were to be:
• Runanga Ngaitamawhariua
• Whaioranga Trust
• Te Puna Hauora
• Te Whanau Poutirirangi ora a papa

Those foundation groups are to date her driving force.

Current commitments include:
• Member – Te Rereatukahia Marae Komiti
• Trustee member – Runanga Ngai Tamawhariua
• Trustee member – Te Manu Toroa
• Chairman – Nga Mataapuna Oranga

Janice Kuka Profile Image

Janice Kuka

Ngāi Te Rangi

Ngāti Ranginui

Janice Kuka is of Ngāi Te Rangi and Ngāti Ranginui descent and has been the managing director of Ngā Mataapuna Oranga since 2010.   She spent her earlier years being educated at the local convent school in Te Puna then went on to Ōtūmoetai College.

Janice has a professional background in Social Work and Community development.  She gained her formal qualifications in later years through Massey University whilst working as a Medical Social Worker at Tauranga hospital.  During this period Janice was seconded to set up a Kaupapa Māori Services Unit across secondary.  This Unit provided Māori specific services within the hospital as well as follow up services in the community.

The development of hapū and community health has always been a strong interest for Janice and over the years has actively remained committed to this transformation process.

Janice is a Board member of a number of Community and Hauora Trusts both locally and regionally.

Punohu McCausland Profile Image

Punohu McCausland

Waitaha/ Tapuika / Te Arawa

Waitaha Hauoranga Trust Board, Chair

Waitaha Hauoranga Trust, Voluntary Coordinator

Nga Mataapuna Oranga, Board Member

Te Manu Toroa, Board Member

Te Puna Hauora Ki Uta Ki Tai, Chair

Bay of Plenty District Health Board, Ex-officio Maori Health Runanga, Representaive

Bay of Plenty Maori Health Runanga, Chair

Midland DHB Iwi Relationship Board, Chair


BOP DHB Ethics Committee, Member

Hei Marae Committee, Chair

Te Puke High School, Kaunihera Maori

Punohu was nurtured through life by her tupuna kuia, korua and koeke.  Growing up, Te Reo Maori was the language of communication and the tikanga of the whanau, the marae, the hapu, and the iwi remain a guiding influence today.

Punohu chose an education pathway, one as a directive from the old people and two, because it offered the best opportunity to pursue her greatest passion, sport.

• 25 years’ experience in teaching
• 3 years Advisor Maori and Island Education Department
• 3 years Ministry of Education Liaison Officer
• 2-3 years NZQA Assessment Officer
• 9 years Te Ranga Kura Teacher Training, Tauranga
• Bachelor of Maori Studies

• Provincial Representative, Auckland, Wellington in Basketball
• A Grade and NZ ranked Squash Player
• Establishing the Waitaha Hauoranga Trust and Waitaha Health Centre
• A lead negotiator for the Waitaha Treaty of Waitangi Settlement

Hine Kane Profile Image

Hine Kane

Affiliate to Te Aitanga A Hauiti,Aitanga A Mahaaki,Rongowhakaata,Ngati Porou te taha o taku mama.NgaiTuhoe te taha o taku papa.

Born and bred in Ruatoki.

Kimioranga Trust

Maori Nursing Council

Maori Women's Welfare League

NZ Nursing Organisation

Te Komiti o Runanga Taraipara mo Ruatoki,

Taneatua me Waiohau

Tahuri Whenua (National Maori Growers Association)

Taupo,Ruatoki and Maketu. Secondary Education -Hukarere Maori Girls College.

Registered General Nurse with post grad qualifications in Obstetrics, Midwifery, Theatre, ICN, A & E (Trauma Nursing)-Sydney NSW and UK.

Traveled/nursed extensively overseas Australia, Canada, USA, UK, and Asia Nepal, Middle East and Europe.

Charge nursing positions plus private nursing Harley Street/Saudi Arabia.

Founding member of Tuhoe Hauora, Te Puna Ora O Mataatua, Kimioranga Trusts and Nga Mataapuna Oranga PHO.

Passionate about Maori ownership of own healthcare services.

Cindy Mokomoko Profile Image

Cindy Mokomoko

Whaioranga Trust Board, Chair

Nga Pureii Whakaata, Western BOP

Midland Regional

Workforce Development

Te Puna Hauora Ki Uta Ki Tai, Manager


Tahuri Whenua

Te Rau Matatini

Cindy has a passion for working in Maori health, having had over twenty years’ experience in the public health sector. She started as a Community Health Worker for a Kaupapa Māori NGO, and then went into Te Puna Hauora, Tauranga Hospital to set up the Kaupapa Māori Mental Health Services. Developments including Child and Adolescent, Adult and In-patient care.

More recently, Cindy and other Te Puna Hauora senior staff were instrumental in the devolution of services from the hospital to the community.  Since 2010, Cindy has been, and currently is the General Manager of Te Puna Hauora Ki Uta Ki Tai Kaupapa Māori Mental Health Services.

Cindy is also involved in Child and Adolescent Workforce Development at a national level through Te Rau Matatini and has been a Board Member of Nga Mataapuna Oranga since its inception.

• Cert. Community Social Work;
• Post-grad Dip Soc Sciences;
• Masters Social Work;
• Post-grad Cert Clinical Child and Adolescent;
• Post-grad Business Studies
• Te Reo Māori Years 1,2,3, Waikato University
• Te Reo Māori Years, 1,2,3, Te Waananaga o Aotearoa.