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Think, Shrink and Grow

Three simple steps to getting sorted

Step 1: Think ahead
Make a plan for your money

Step 2: Shrink your debt
Get rid of high interest debt as fast as you can

Step 3: Grow your savings
Save regularly to reach your goals

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Family Works

Family Works recognises the rich cultural diversity of New Zealand. We continue to nurture and support this diversity in our service provision.

Presbyterian Support delivers a full range of social work and counselling services in communities throughout New Zealand through Family Works. At Family Works, we support families/whanau to become resilient, connected to their communities, and independent of social services long term. Services include localised and community development initiatives.

p. 04 473 5025   f. 04 473 5164


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Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

The most effective advice you can receive is that given one-on-one by a Federation certificated budget adviser.

TBAS offers budgeting advice, assistance and education to families and individuals in a number of locations around the Tauranga area.

We provide budget plans, debt repayment plans, cash flows, creditor negotiation, advocacy, help with money-management skills, and on-going guidance and support.

Our services include assistance with Bankruptcy and No Asset Procedures, Consumer Issues, and Total Money Management.