What is a Primary Health Organisation (PHO)?

PHOs are funded by Health New Zealand/ Te Whatu Hauora to support the provision of essential primary health care services through general practices to those people enrolled in a general practice and aligned to that PHO.

How do I enrol in a general practice?

Ring the general practice nearest to you and request an enrolment form. 

When you are enrolled in one of our general practices you are enrolled with Ngā Mataapuna Oranga as well.

How do I access your services?

If you are eligible, you can choose your nearest health and social service provider and request an enrolment form.

Are your services only for Māori?

No, anyone from any ethnic background can enrol in our services – the difference is that services are delivered based on Māori values and concepts.

What are Kaupapa Māori Services?

These are services founded and delivered on Māori cultural values, and beliefs. They underpin how we interact with our patients/clients and whānau.

What is Whānau Ora?

Whānau ora (Māori for family health) is a contemporary indigenous health initiative in New Zealand driven by Māori cultural values. 

Its core goal is to empower communities and extended families (whānau) within the community context rather than individuals within an institutional context.