Our System of Care

Whānau have told us what is important to them and how they would like to see our services respond to their needs and aspirations.

Based on this, Ngā Mataapuna Oranga and the NMO Network is committed to accelerate and spread the delivery of the Tūāpapa – Our System of Care, as an essential deliverable.

Tūāpapa – Our System of Care

Tūāpapa is our local tangata whenua model that has been built from the ground up and forms the basis of everything we do. The provision of a tangata whenua view reinforces and broadens the way we see and use values and beliefs that lead us to better practices. It also acknowledges that different approaches can be used to express our values and service frameworks outside of their normal boundaries. 

Tūāpapa is a whole of system change that considers more than the physical aspects but includes other influences that can lead to poor health like housing. 

Core Elements of Tūāpapa

Local kaumātua have identified and endorsed the overarching values of tika, pono and aroha (honesty, integrity, trust, respect, and care) that underpin all our services and everything we do. There is an emphasis on the importance of hearing what whānau have to say and the value of our relationships with them. Whānau have expressed their desire for change and more specifically change that will lead to control of their own health and that of their whānau.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi claim (WAI:1315) supports this change with greater inclusion of our indigenous views in decision-making and management. The experience of the Alaskan people has provided a platform on which to build our tangata whenua model and capitalise on those elements of their NUKA model relevant to us. 

Tūāpapa is all encompassing and considers the key factors that influence positive outcomes for whānau.  At its core are the markers that help us understand and measure how we are doing. The mauri of Tūāpapa only occurs when all these core elements are connected.